Formation and development process

As an enterprise has experienced nearly 30 years in iron and steel industry, precursor of Toan Thang Steel Company was one of the first small-scale steel suppliers in 1988. Through many stages of development and vicissitudes of the market, the company has grown up and become one of the largest corporations specializing in iron and steel industry, entered top of 500 Vietnamese largest private enterprises.

Experience and developmental stages of Toan Thang Steel:

In 1988: precursor was small steel shops with limited number of items
In 1995: officially established under brand name Toan Thang Steel Co., Ltd with investment capital of nearly 400 million VND
In 2000: opened branch 1 in Binh Chanh with the capacity of about 7,000 tons
In 2004: opened branch 2 in Long An with the capacity of about 5,000 tons
In 2006: opened branch 3 in An Phu Dong with the capacity of about 15,000 tons
In 2014: Inaugurated Toan Thang Steel Building with the total area of 426m2, including 8 floors on the central of Truong Son Street, near Tan Son Nhat Airport.
In 2015: opened branch 4 in An Phu Dong with the capacity of about 10,000 tons
In 2018: the project of Cutting Center and Toan Thang Steel Pipe Plant will be developed with output capacity of approximately 60,000 tons /year (phase 1) and 120,000 tons / year (phase 2)
In 2019: New products are cutting sheets steel and Toan Thang steel pipes launched onto the market, accounting for 2,5% of domestic pipe market share (phase 1) and 5% of market share (phase 2)

Growth diagram through each stage