October 27, 2018

Opening on the 6th day of Lunar New Year – Mau Tuat 2018

In the morning of February 21th, 2018 falls on the 6th day of Mau Tuat year, the Board of Directors and employees of Toan Thang Steel

Trading Co., Ltd solemnly opened the Vienamese Lunar New Year.

At 8 am, the whole staff gathered in front of the lobby of Toan Thang Steel building to offer the incense, flowers and fruits in order to commemorate heaven and earth, ancestor; to pray for peaceful country, happiness of people; to pray for advantageous business, increasing sales and profit, prosperous life of staffs.

At the beginning of the year, Mr. Doan Danh Tuan – General Director and Board of Directors kindly wish staffs and their family a very Happy New Year with fortune, good health, happy family, good children, success; good performance exceeding business targets and assignment.

Each staff member received a lucky red envelop from the General Director.

The spring air was jubilant.

After the New Year’s greeting ceremony in the beginning of spring, all staffs had started the first working day of New Year with full enthusiasm.






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