Vision and mission

Vision and mission

Slogan: The belief of every project

Vision: Toan Thang Steel – be always the first choice for every project

Mission: Become the best steel supplier for every domestic project, accompanying with National development.

Core value:

For Valued Customers: Product quality is always the first criterion of Toan Thang Steel, providing a full range of steel models, sizes and types, meeting the domestic and foreign market demands at competitive prices.

For Suppliers: Select and establish the close relationships with suppliers to build a large scale steel supply chain system in order to ensure that products are manufactured strictly according to foreign standard.

For banks and financial providers: Financial records are explicit, obvious, having high liquidity, guaranteeing the capital for purchasing by independent audit system.

For Staffs: Train the core team having high enthusiasm and experience, organize education and training courses continuously to improve skills and caught up with the market trends.

For the State and Society: Fulfill obligations, participate in social activities, contribute to the community.